The collection, circulation and storage of a range of information relating to health and, in some cases, the sexual life of persons involved in clinical trials, presents various critical aspects regarding the protection of the personal data and requires measures of higher attention in order to prevent specific risks for those involved.
Having established adequate protocols, the studies promoted by the companies are presented to the competent authorities and interested ethic committees for relative approval. The studies are carried out at Institutions and Hospital structures authorized by the law and identified by the Sponsor.
The Companies (Sponsor) can access all the medical/clinical information collected by the physicians by means of their collaborators (Clinical Monitors) both internal and external (including residents from outside the territory of the union).
This generates a complex flow of information of the subjects and their relative biological samples with possible risks regarding data security.

The certificate issued by InVeo, certifies that the company respects the present laws in regards to the management of the personal data in the clinical trials.